HACCP Level 1&2

Understanding of HACCP System

HACCP Level 1&22023-06-23T13:03:43+05:30

HACCP Level – 1&2 Training

Understanding  of  HACCP  System and Procedure

[Classroom| Online-Virtual| Distance E-mode | Customised Onsite]

This course aims to give awareness and  understanding  of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system

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Regular | Online-Virtual | Self Study (Distance e Mode)

Duration :

     4 Hours For Regular(Classroom)/Online-Virtual Training

1 Month For Self study (Distance mode)

Course Contents:

This course looks at how Top Management , Food handlers , Operator ,Supervisor  in a Food  manufacturing establishment  , catering, retail or can aware HACCP-based food safety management systems
  1. The History and Background
  2.  Introduction  to HACCP
  3. Steps for HACCP
  4. Principal of HACCP
  5.  Risk assessment
  6.  Decision tree
  7. Implementation  of HACCP

Who Should Attend:

  • Staff Tasked with development and maintenance of HACCP System
  • · Quality manager , Technical manager
  •  · Food safety team member
  •  · Senior and middle level food professionals
  • · Internal Food safety auditor
  • Independent food consultant

Training Benefits:

  • Certificate Of “Successful Course Completion” From Highfield – UK OR  “HGP Training Center”.

Once the learner has completed the course, they will be able to:

 Understand the HACCP system and procedure

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